Summer 2019 Updates!

Updates! I have been busy these past few months working on theater and film. I have felt challenged by and grateful for the plentiful opportunities that I have been given. In this post, I will talk about Ghosts and Gaslighting, Where Do All the Ghosts Go?, My First Tattoo, upcoming classes and attended film festivals.

“When a dead uncle leaves an odd stipulation in his will, two strangers are forced to spend the weekend at his haunted house, but an unexpected squatter and crazy happenings add cartoonish complications to their stay.” Ghosts and Gaslighting opens this week at The Lion Theatre (an off-Broadway venue in Theatre Row) as a part of Broadway Bound Theatre Festival. David Adam Gill is directing this hilarious and highly-original piece by Erin Moughon. David, Erin, and the entire cast are members of The Playground Experiment, which you may remember me talking about in previous posts. In fact, Erin and I are involved in several theater groups together. I participated in a staged reading event as a part of The Bechdel Group in 2015. Erin cast me in one of her short readings at that event, and we have continued to work together since. Ghosts and Gaslighting will have three performances: August 8th, 13thand 16th. The first and last shows are at 5pm, and the middle show is at 8pm. Please come and see the show if you can. You can click this sentence to buy tickets.

The cast of Ghosts and Gaslighting.
The Ghosts and Gaslighting cast and crew.
You can tell from our faces that rehearsals have been pretty fun.

In April, I worked for the second time with playwright Barbara Kahn. We first worked together in 2016 in The Three Mile Limit. My friend Kendra Augustin referred me to Barbara after the actor who was originally cast was unable to perform, and Barbara trusted Kendra’s judgement enough to cast me. Where Do All the Ghosts Go? was particularly special in that so many of my friends and colleagues came to see the production. I was reminded that this industry is built upon supporting those who support you. Thank you again to everybody who came to see what we all worked so hard to build. I have added a clip and images from the production to my website. 

Theater for the New City
The Baroness Alice Lansen
Steph Van Vlack, Theater for the New City, Barbara Kahn
Theater for the New City
The cast and crew of Where Do All the Ghosts Go?
Clip from Where Do All the Ghosts Go?

My First Tattoo (my indie improv team) is back up and running again. We had gone on a hiatus for a bit to strategize and build our numbers. We added two new members: Eli Branson and Lili Pujol. We are starting to work on a new form – Spokane. It is like a bicycle wheel: it starts in the center with a base scene, branches out in secondary scenes (the spokes of the wheel), and goes back to the original scene. We recently performed in a show with Kermit’s Flailing Arms at The PIT, and we will hopefully be scheduling a few more shows for the next couple of months. Our team has been together for almost three years now. After our last show, one of the staff members commented on how supportive we are of each other on stage.

Lauren Gambino, Eli Branson
Eli joins the bubble bath
Trying to get Lauren to get in the bathtub with me
Ready to edit at any second

Upright Citizens Brigade is calling my name! I am going to be taking comedy classes there this summer/fall (and probably winter.) I have been putting it off for a while. When I was focusing more on commercial work, a few casting directors told me study comedy elsewhere (i.e. The PIT) before going to UCB. They said that UCB can be a competitive environment, and it would be in my best interest to go there after having a solid foundation. Nine classes at comedy schools and three indie improv teams later, I am finally going to study there. Wish me luck.

Speaking of classes, my Richard Kline Studio classmates and I went to go see our prolific instructor perform in The Waitress. Richard brought us backstage and introduced us to the cast – it was amazing to see what it felt like to be on such a magnificent stage. I also appreciate the comradery that we (the students) shared as we planned our outing together. I am posting a picture of us up on the stage.

The Richard Kline Clan after seeing our instructor perform.

Lastly, I attended Bergen International Film Festival in July. I saw two features: SUPERSTORM: A Love Story written by Tom Bragg and directed by Larry Rosen and YES written by Tim Realbuto and directed by Rob Margolies. SUPERSTORM is easily my favorite film of Larry’s. My friend Chermaine Johnson and I were so invested in the outcome that we were bitter towards one of the characters and texted about it for half an hour afterwards. YES is very touching – it raises important questions about honesty, accomplishments and boundaries. I am not surprised that it was saved for the festival finale. 

p.s. Chermaine recently signed with the same talent agency as me – I was so happy to refer her. Chermaine and I met when she came to see Where Do All the Ghosts Go?, and we hit it off right away.

Chermaine and I were cheesing on the on the BIFF red carpet.

Until next time!