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Blog here! In this posting, I am going to talk about Cody Clarke’s private screening of his latest feature RAMEKIN, Sam Borowski’s acting class, Daniel Roebuck’s sneak peak screening of Getting Grace, news on Wedding Season and new headshots!

This week, Cody Clarke held a screening of RAMEKIN for cast, crew, family and friends. I worked with Cody in 2012 on Rehearsals, a feature documentary. It had been several years since Cody and I had spoken, but we reconnected when I joined Facebook in 2016 – Ah, the power of social media! RAMEKIN is a comedy horror film about a young woman who is terrorized by a small porcelain dish. Is the dish cursed? Possessed? Extraterrestrial? It is up to your interpretation. As Cody puts it, he prefers to leave mystery within his films instead of spelling everything out for the viewer. While I enjoyed everything about this film, the casting is on-point with the two leads. They are so perfect for these roles. They were able to find the subtleties in the text, and this made the jokes land seamlessly. If you like dry humor, you are going to like this film. Cody is putting the film in the festival circuit so that people like YOU can go watch it. You can read more about Cody’s film here.

Sam Borowski held his 8th Annual Oscars class on March 3rd. This class is different than the other classes in that it is a competition for a “Sammy” – we don’t get to work the scenes multiples times. We have one shot to get it right. Sam bought in two guest judges, Andrew Akler and Jeanine Bartel, to serve as the panel for the three awards: Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Scene. Andrew is a young filmmaker who recently made a Batman fan-fiction film. He also composes scores, writes screenplays and edits film. In fact, he is editing a short for Sam called Time’s Up. Jeanine is also a filmmaker and an actress. She has been in pretty much every TV show filmed in NYC, and she produced East this past year with many of the actors from  The Actor’s Green Room, including Founder Jen Rudolf and acting coach Natalie Roy. My former Cast Down castmate Vin Scallia is also in Jeanine’s film. You can check out a clip of mine with him under the media tab on my website. It seems like I have been seeing Vin everywhere lately – I was catching up watching The Deuce and saw him in a fun scene with Maggie Gyllenhaal. I thought “omg this is a great reel scene.” In class, I got to work on my favorite two scenes, and Sam also surprised us with other scenes from movies that were either Oscar winners, nominees or qualifying. After we wrapped all the scenes, the judges went to another room and tallied their votes. I won Best Actress! Furthermore, I got to network with two filmmakers, eat a tasty Chinese lunch that Sam provided, have fun in a unique improv scene, and enjoy cupcakes at the end of the day with my peers and mentors. Name another class that will give this to you, and I will boil my purse and eat it.

Speaking of Sam’s class, we all went to a sneak peak screening of Getting Grace this week. I previously saw the film at Larry Rosen’s Northeast Film Festival, but I enjoyed it so much that I went to see it again. I wasn’t disappointed. This film is Daniel Roebuck’s (Lost, Matlock, Final Destination) directorial debut, and his unique humor is throughout the film. Getting Grace is a comedy about a young teenager who is coping with cancer, family, and typical girl issues (like having her first boyfriend.) As Daniel puts it, you will laugh, cry and then laugh more while watching this film. What I found particularly interesting is how upbeat and full of life the lead is even though she has cancer. As some of you may know, I went to graduate school at Columbia University and studied neuroscience and education. While I was studying, I worked in a neurogenetics and frequently interacted with patients who had terminal and/or incurable illnesses. The patients were the highlight of the job – I enjoyed all our conversations, learning about their lives and seeing how happy they were despite their diagnoses. I have actually thought about making a documentary about the diagnostic odyssey of patients who have neurogenetic disorders like myotonic dystrophy. Anytime that I feel like I am being wronged in life or deserve something more, I think about my experience working in this environment and am humbled (and usually cry.) Roebuck’s film had a similar impact on me. If this sounds like a movie that you would want to see, you will have an opportunity very soon. Getting Grace will be screening in theaters nationwide beginning March 23rd. Then, SONY Pictures is distributing the film on DVD this summer.  As a side note, Cody Clarke mentioned in his Q&A that Lost is his all-time favorite TV show – it feels like the more people that I meet, the smaller the world and this business seem.

Wedding Season is screening in CJ Cullen’s Hang Onto Your Shorts film festival in Ashbury, NJ. in April! CJ was at the Getting Grace screening. He told me that we are screening in a theater with a 350-seat capacity. So, please come support us! If you are interested in attending, let me know. I am hyperlinking the festival’s website here. Additionally, Wedding Season won two awards – Best Ensemble and Audience Choice – at Jersey City Popup Film Festival last month! We were also nominated for Best Film. We genuinely have a phenomenal group of actors who go above and beyond for each other. So, winning Best Ensemble was extremely satisfying. We are screening in  The Actor’s Green Room’s (AGR) BEST OF event on March 14th. Several industry guests will be attending including Thomas Green (manager), Caroline Sinclair (CD), Kimberly Graham (CD) and Albert Bramante (agent.) If you are an industry professional and would like to attend, I will reach out to AGR for an industry ticket for you. We would love to have you there! If you are not a CD, agent or manager but would still like to come to the screening event at Dixon Place, you can purchase tickets on AGR’s website for $30.

Finally, I got new headshots with Eva Mizer last month! I am ecstatic to have shots that reflect my personality and demeanor. I have known Eva since I was a graduate student – our first shoot was at Columbia’s campus. If you are looking a photographer who will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, reach out to Eva here.


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